Our Commitment to Quality is Clear

Our top priority has always been food safety. We continue a strict program of quality assurance, packaging, sterilization, and testing that is far beyond the industry standards. We source only from spice suppliers around the world that share our commitment to the best quality available.

About Our Facility

Proudly a LEED Platinum and “Spice Only” facility, we rigorously inspect and test from start to finish. Our pathogen “Kill-Step” treats raw materials prior to production to provide an extra level of food safety. Our spices are all natural, salt free, preservative free, MSG free, non-irradiated, kosher, gluten free and non-GMO.

Our Commitment to Quality is Clear

About Our Bottles

Since our start in 1986, we were the first to package spices in clear packaging. We’ve always been very proud of the quality products inside the bottles, and we want everyone to see it.

About Our RealFresh™ Seal System

All of our spices are sealed for maximum freshness and flavor with our patented RealFresh™ Seal System. Our dual lids have concentric freshness rings that provide a double layer of protection for product freshness.